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Proven Strength In Product Liability Cases

When you purchase a consumer product, medical device, or medication, you trust the expertise of the engineers who tested and designed it, the manufacturers who produced it, and the retailer who sold it. If that product fails, the consequences can be far more severe than the simple nuisance of replacing a broken household appliance – they can entail significant injury, or even death. In these dangerous cases, the parties that designed, built, or sold the failed product can be held liable for the damage done to consumers.

Proving that a defective consumer product caused harm to you or your loved one is a complex task that requires close attention to detail, a robust understanding of the law, and a proven ability to navigate Georgia’s legal system. At The Ransom Firm, we bring these strengths and more to your product liability case: with  decades of experience, we deliver efficient, attentive service that prioritizes your health and helps you understand your options for recovery.

Meeting Complex Cases With Comprehensive Legal Knowledge

Under Georgia’s product liability laws, an injured plaintiff must prove:

  • That they were harmed while using a product for its intended purpose, and
  • That an inherent, abnormal or unreasonable defect in that product caused the harm.

Meeting this standard requires a thorough and nuanced understanding of a product’s technical specifications, its design and manufacture process, and – in the case of medical devices, such as a pacemaker or stent – its interaction with human physiology. If you are pursuing compensation in a product liability case, it is essential to ensure that your attorneys have both a deep knowledge of product liability law, and a tested ability to conduct the rigorous research and analysis your unique situation may require. The Ransom Firm provides you with the legal skills, dexterity and diligence necessary to build a successful case. We know how to hold negligent corporations and manufacturers accountable.

Rely On Our Vigorous, Versatile Advocacy

If you have been harmed due to a dangerous consumer product, medication or medical device, contact The Ransom Firm. We will carefully evaluate your case to determine whether the product’s designer, manufacturer or retailer may be liable for your injuries, and can vigorously advocate for compensation that can help you regain your health, security and confidence. To schedule a consultation, call 404-882-3198, or complete our online form for a free case evaluation.