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Close Counsel for Small Businesses

At The Ransom Firm, our attorneys bring rich experience and tested capabilities to diverse Georgia business matters. With our accomplishments including advising the boards of multinational corporations and transforming a record company from an Atlanta startup to a multiplatinum leader in the music industry, we fully appreciate the challenges of establishing, building and growing a business. This perspective allows us to help our clients solve complex problems, minimize future risks, and identify and capitalize on opportunities.

From new entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams to seasoned professionals seeking guidance, The Ransom Firm serves clients navigating all stages of the business lifecycle. Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Business formation and counseling
  • Business disputes and litigation
  • Drafting employee and independent contractor agreements
  • Drafting nondisclosure and noncompete agreements
  • Governance policies and counseling
  • Preparing operating agreements and partnership agreements

We also understand the importance of protecting creative assets, and assisting clients across a broad range of issues relating to their intellectual property. We assist in the registration and enforcement of copyrights, counsel clients on their intellectual property strategy, and prepare and negotiate licenses.

Adaptable, Value-Adding Representation

For proactive, diligent representation that adapts to the unique needs and objectives of your business, contact The Ransom Firm. Our attorneys are prepared to provide you with high-quality, value-adding counsel that advances your priorities efficiently and cost-effectively. To schedule a consultation, call 404-301-0508, or complete our online form.